Corporate Office Renovations

Why ANDERSON Construction Self-Performs

What separates ANDERSON Construction from the rest? One key difference is self-performed work. If you’re looking for a general contractor for a commercial construction project, most of the companies you will find have all of their work performed by subcontractors. We are one of the few general contractors in the Ventura County area that is capable of self-performing significant portions of the work.

photo of a construction project

(Above) Current project: Office lounge and coffee bar for Meissener Filtration Products, Camarillo, CA (self-performed by Anderson Construction). The free-form architecture creates a pleasant space for people to gather. The unique shapes and forms were all laid out and constructed with laser technology.

The downside of using subcontractors is that the general contractor may have very little control over when and how the work is to be performed, which means that quality control and scheduling are compromised to a certain extent. Subcontractors will always manage and schedule their employees based on which project they feel is the highest priority at any given time – they most likely won’t be able to devote all of their time to your project, which draws out the scheduling of the job.

At ANDERSON Construction, we prefer to hire tradesmen directly, giving us the benefits of better quality control, schedule control, and the ability to offer better pricing to our clients.

The trades we can self-perform are demolition, concrete, drywall, painting, rough carpentry, finished carpentry, plumbing and acoustical ceilings. We have a full-time staff of payrolled tradesman to accomplish all of these tasks.

photo of a construction project

(Above) How many subcontractors are in this picture? None. Carpentry and painting are two examples of the trades we’re capable of self-performing.

photo of a construction project

ANDERSON employees finishing an installation of “weave wall” created from a plaster product. Ongoing construction inside an operating facility such as this requires the use of masonite to protect the ceramic tile floors.

photo of a construction project

Marketing lounge in use after project completion and move-in (March, 2016).

photo of a construction project

Completed conference room (March, 2016).

Because we directly employ our workforce, we are in a much better position to provide them with education. We have an internal apprenticeship program for training all field employees, led by our senior-level field personnel, who each have over 40 years of real-world experience in construction. This is advanced level training that helps our employees keep up to date with the latest technologies in the business. With five generations of ANDERSONs in construction, we’ve accumulated a knowledge base that is unsurpassed, and we have found that the best way to ensure quality is by providing continual training on the job.

We also feel that this is important because of the contribution we’re making to the construction industry, as part of our mission is continuing construction education for future generations.

Of course, our ability to self-perform doesn’t preclude us from the option of subcontracting based on workload. When we do hire subcontractors we’re reminded of another benefit to self-performing: We’re better able to manage the work because we understand the trade thoroughly, and our supervisory personnel know what to expect with regards to manpower, scheduling, cost, quality, means and methods