Ice Cream Factory Construction Video

Tom Clark Anderson construction here
discussing a recently completed custom
production facility after some minor
demolition we had an empty warehouse to
work with the first orders of business
were to saka and excavate an exterior
slab and the interior so that we could
place the engine room on the outside on
the inside we had to go down about four
feet place some heating elements slurry
insulation and then pour the slab back
so the new slab level match the
surrounding slab level the final project
had to blast freezers at 30 degrees
below zero and adjacent cooler at 30
degrees below zero and adjacent corridor
at 30 degrees below zero and a holding
cooler at zero degrees the mixing and
production rooms had conventional HVAC
electric doors had heated frames to keep
from freezing shut the freezer areas all
required special sprinkler heads since
we were in an area at minus 30 degrees
steam lines electrical lines hot and
cold water line compressed air lines
glycol lines an HVAC duct are all run
and exposed this will allow for an easy
expansion and or repair the CIP skid and
the storage tanks also required more saw
cutting excavation and a thicker slab to
support the weight stainless steel fab
and running was by Andersen construction
ductwork steam lines was all done by
Andersen construction all the equipment
was placed adjusted and final
connections were by Andersen
construction the floor drains and all
the areas had to be laid out cut and
then routed to an outside clarifier so
that all the health code compliances
would be in order