Pre Fabrication of Construction Components Video


Hi, my name is Larry Anderson I’m the
president CEO of Anderson construction
in Camarillo California we are
constructing a four hundred thousand
square foot remodel to the technicolor
building site in Camarillo my review
today is the benefits of free
fabrication of components of
construction what you see behind me is a
portion of the remodel where we’re
enhancing the exterior facade of the
building we have seven tower locations
the roof structures were prefabricated
on the ground we have several benefits
and doing some and the primary reason is
safety we build the entire unit on the
ground frame it nail it
bolt it and hoist it with a crane in one
single piece its installed
much faster we save cost the amount of
labor that it takes to put the unit
together on the ground versus what it
takes to put it together in the air is
probably fifty percent less doing it on
the ground so fifty percent less labor
fifty percent less cost another benefit
is we get better quality control much
easier to do it on the ground you can
brace it and tie it and in every way to
hold that unit together so that it’s
true and formed shape is maintained when
it’s placed with the crane schedule-wise
it’s much faster you’re working faster
on the ground you’re getting the cost
benefit on the labor but we’re also
getting the time benefit on critical
schedules when you take this single unit
behind me and multiply that times seven
it’s a significant
smart builders put things together in
this way when you think about how you’re
building and you’re you’re building it
in a smarter fashion this is a benefit
to us to our employees and to our