Facilities Maintenance

“Facility Maintenance” activities include keeping spaces, structures and infrastructure in proper operating condition. Some items are done in a routine, scheduled, or anticipated fashion to prevent failure and/or degradation.  This also includes making changes to optimize the facilities use; such as moving doors, windows, walls, or change use. All of this work can be performed by our in-house tradesmen or by our pool of pre-qualified sub-contractors.

Here is a partial list of facilities maintenance services we have provided top clients in the past:

• Parking lot resurfacing and re-striping
• ADA upgrades and compliance
• Building maintenance inside and out
• Roof replacements
• Moving or adding man doors, or roll up doors
• Remove or add walls/partitions
• Remove or add offices
• Changing building rooms from one use to another such as meeting room conversion into an office room. This may involve moving, adding, or removing electrical outlets, acoustic ceilings, lighting modifications, patching, painting, fabric wall panels, carpet repairs, partitions, re-dooring (hardware for doors, etc.).
• Carpet, tile, sheet vinyl replacements & moisture vapor testing
• Patch and paint (for example: walls dinged up, holes, cut outs)
• Polish concrete floor slab
• Plaster repairs (outside) and corner repairs (inside)
• Fire and water damage repair
• Repair fixtures and equipment
• Adding and tying in new drains
• Add new water supply, sinks, and hose bibs
• Add and/or modify compressed air lines, furnish and install new compressors
• Snaking and clearing drain lines
• Plumbing leaks
• Pumping, cleaning, & repairing or adding of sample wells, clarifiers., & separators
• Electrical malfunctions and glitches and overloads
• Inspect buildings’ structures to determine the need for repairs or renovations
• Review utilities consumption and strive to minimize costs and improve efficiencies.
• In the winter time, inspect roof and storm drains so that there is no flooding, or ponding. standing water adds weight and can cause structural failure and deterioration of roofing
• Checking life cycles on filters, clarifiers, separators, and pumping
• Establish a regular preventative maintenance (PM) program with clients for all equipment